Illumination Recreational Twirling Programs provide a fun opportunity to learn how to twirl. Weekly classes focus on basic twirling, marching and dance. Classes generally meet for 45-60 minutes once per week. At the end of each session, families are invited to a twirling showcase, which gives the twirlers an opportunity to show off their skills. Sessions are offered in the fall. winter and spring.

Illumination Recreational Team Programs provide an opportunity for twirlers to learn routines in their weekly 45-60 minutes classes and then participate in local competitions. They also have an opportunity to perform in the Ridgewood 4th of July Parade. The focus is on performing in a fun, no pressure environment and enables them share their love of the sport with other twirlers. The teams usually compete in 4 meets between January and May. We also have  a recital to conclude our season.

Illumination Extended Teams provide an opportunity for the twirler who would like to make a more serious commitment to twirling. Team members may choose to compete at the state, regional and national level. We participate in the USTA Northeast Regional Twirling Championship held in Kutztown Pa. and compete with teams from Maine through Virginia. Illumination teams recently traveled to Savannah, GA. for the USTA National Championship and Festival of the Future.

Pre-Trials/Trials - Illumination participates in the USTA Competitive Achievement System.  Athletes who have passed their compulsories and movement technique participate in the Pre-Trials System. Illumination Teams have qualified at the AA and AAA level. Illumination soloists have qualifies at the A, AA, AAA and Elite levels of competition.

Private Lessons - Private lessons are available for those wishing to advance their skills and further their twirling goals. Individual instruction is the fastest way to learn. Twirlers who want to perform or compete as an individual receive instruction in their event(s) of choice. Instruction is available in 1, 2 and 3 baton, dance twirl, freestyle and pairs.

Individual Competition - Many Illumination twirlers participate in individual events. Our students hold state, regional and national titles. Illumination twirler/instructor Catherine Ramirez has won five USTA National Grand Championships, a U.S. freestyle gold medal, Jr Twirl Mania Gold and a silver and bronze team medal at the World Baton Twirling Championships.

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